Worcester Addresses Childhood Trauma

Mental Health Matters.

We all know that when you take a bad fall, it is important to give first aid and/or seek medical attention. If you got a bad cut and left that wound uncared for, the damage could spread, you could get an infection, it could lead to worse injuries. To minimize injury, and future disability, we tend to physical wounds without a second thought. We would never discourage anyone from getting help.

Mental health is no different. Hurt caused from abuse and trauma needs tending- it doesn’t just go away by being ignored. When bad things happen and we are hurt emotionally, it matters. If we leave those wounds untreated, they can cause further harm and can develop into mental disorders.

Your Childhood Matters.

Even things you don’t remember can affect you. Things that happen to us in childhood, both good and bad, get stored in our bodies and minds and become the foundation of our lives. Experiences set the stage for our lives by showing us how we can expect to be treated, how others value us, who will love us and what future is possible. When families have experienced trauma, the stress can leave children with lifelong challenges.

Worcester ACTs is here to help. Worcester Addresses Childhood Trauma with usable, accurate and relevant mental health information. We are empathy activists. We hope to decrease stigma and build community by talking about the difficult things that no one likes to talk about. We are committed to helping people from Worcester and beyond have more empathy and understanding for themselves and others. We are helping the next generation by healing ourselves. We hope you will join us!

Healing Happens Together.

Our current mental health system locates the problem in individuals. If we are not doing well, we are told that we are the problem, and that we need fixing. That is not the truth.

Trauma is the weapon of oppression. Our symptoms are predictable responses to powerlessness. When we are hurt, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually we tend to either act out in anger, or withdraw and isolate. Either response harms us. The shame of victimization keeps us from talking about what happened. It keeps us from connecting with others. We believe no one understands and no one cares. The perpetrators love this, it keeps them in control and they are not held accountable. We build walls to keep ourselves safe, but these walls become a prison keeping us from the only thing that does heal- connection.

The truth is that our systems are the problem. Every single system controls the distribution of power and access to resources. Addressing individual symptoms without understanding the root causes will never bring authentic healing. Our society is the problem that needs fixing. We believe healing means social change. Our vision is a world where everyone is valued for their humanity, and has whatever resources they need to reach their full potential and live their best life!