Trauma Training Tuesday

Title Speaker Event Date Sort ascending
Trauma of Immigration Jillian Phillips
Intergenerational Trauma Amy Ebbeson
The Trauma of Murder Elaina DeStefano & MarcCawley Bercy of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute
The Neurological Impact of Abuse Dr. Jennifer Fraser
Hoarding / Accumulating Kathy Reboul, MSW
Microaggressions: What They are and How They Show up in the Workplace Dr. Joyce McNickles
Microaggressions: What They are and How They Show up in the Workplace Dr. Joyce McNickles
Managing Holiday Stress and Finding Joy Tammy Besio, Laura Cullen, Kelsey Hopkins and More!
Trauma of Border Crossing- Missing in Brooks County Dr. Mattie Castiel, Meg Gallo & Jillian Phillips
Nervous System Response to Trauma & Handle With Care Susanne Bahnan with Selena Johnson & Renee Eldredge
Birth Trauma Chloe Schwartz, MPH
The Addiction Treatment Ecosystem Tara Rivera
Trauma of Family Secrets Cassandra Adams, Erin Cosentino, Nerissa Harper- Ketter, John Moyer with special guest appearance by Paul Jack Fronczak!
Moving Beyond Survival Mode Kelsey Hopkins
Using Self-compassion to Heal from Trauma Wendy O'Leary
Adoption, Removal- Reckoning with the Primal Wound Rebecca Autumn Sansom
Trauma of Colonization Anna Soole
Trauma of Colonization Anna Soole
Trauma of Workplace Abuse Deb Falzoi
Trauma of Suicide Dr. Steven Karaiskos
Parenting From Trauma Nikki Bell, Louise Burrell, Christi Berry, Wairimu Macharia
Advocating from Trauma Etel Haxhiaj & Gina Plata-Nino
Trauma of Disconnection Trauma Informed Providers
Trauma of Psychiatric Oppression Vesper Moore
Trauma of Survival Mode Abigail Kelley, LICSW
Dysregulation and the Use of Mindfulness in Trauma Wendy O’Leary
Trauma of Loss and Death Reverend Aaron Payson with Dr. Joyce McNickles
Reflecting on Trauma Bobbi L. Parish, MA, CTRC-S & Dr. Paulette Bethel & Bradley Hall
Trauma of Post Covid Mental Health Mayor's Mental Health Task Force led by Kim Salmon & Jerry Juliano
Trauma of Fleeing Afghanistan Central Massachusetts Afghan Resettlement and Response Team
Trauma of Unseen Patterns Dr. Laurie Ross, Rev Aaron Payson, Irelis Rivera, MSW
Trauma of the Gender Binary Joshua Croke
Trauma of Sexual Assault Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, LCSW and Pathways for Change staff
Trauma of Workplace Bullying Dr. Jerry Carbo
Trauma of Misattributed Parentage/ NPE Dr. Paulette Bethel and Bradley Hall
Trauma of Racism Dr. Jennifer Davis Carey
Trauma of Food Insecurity Attorney Gina Plata-Nino and Casey Burns
Trauma of Sexual Abuse Dr. Lori Dawson
Trauma of Homelessness Etel Haxhiaj, Brian Bickford and Maura Mahoney
Trauma of Commercial Sexual Exploitation Nikki Bell
Trauma in Early Childhood Dr. Zlatina Kostova
Trauma in Early Childhood Dr. Zlatina Kostova
Building Resilient Communities Reverend Aaron Payson
Trauma of School Disruption Fred Kaelin & Megan Sullivan of the SHINE Initiative
Trauma of Uncertainty Deborah Bunker, Emily Swalec & Anne Bureau of YOU, Inc
Trauma of Addiction Rebecca Zwicker & Lori Hout of No One Walks Alone
Trauma of Sexism Dr. Mary Burns & Dr.Tonisha Pinckney of the WCCSW
Trauma Related to Immigration Status Attorney Alex Mooradian
Trauma of Child Maltreatment Robb Zarges & Lynn Tesconi of CASA
Trauma of Disability Jeff Lafata- Hernandez & Krystal Linn of Empowering People for Inclusive Communities
Trauma of Domestic Violence Deborah Hall, Elizabeth Rhodes, Craig Mortley, Vanessa Urbina & Amanda Mattingly of YWCA
Trauma of Inequity and Health Disparities Raquel Castro-Corazzini & Kathy Esparza
Trauma Response Overview in Covid Amy Ebbeson, Lori Dawson, Mary Robbins, Caitlin Borski & Nerissa Harper- Ketter
Trauma, Loss and Pandemic Response Rev Aaron Payson of Unitarian Universalist Church