Trauma of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Lori Dawson

Sexual Abuse can have lifelong consequences in all areas of functioning. There is no typical victim of sexual abuse, it happens to girls and boys, children of all races, and in all socioeconomic groups. It is most often done in secret- the power difference is exploited, and victims rarely tell what happened to them due to fear, threats, shame and all the other adversities that often follow. This experience impacts a person’s self-concept, their ability to trust, their capacity for adult relationships, and their world view.

Dr. Lori Dawson is an expert in understanding the lifelong traumatic implications of sexual abuse- she holds a PhD in Psychology and is a survivor herself. She brings the intellectual understanding and the lived experience together for maximum impact. Participants will laugh (she is really funny) and cry in this powerful presentation about this, all too often unspoken, horror. Lori’s truth telling, passion, insight, and capacity to overcome will inspire everyone who attends!