Trauma of Workplace Abuse

Deb Falzoi

Psychological abuse becomes possible when one person has power over another. The conventional workplace is hierarchal, with concentrated power and limited accountability at the top. We have all been told that if you just work hard and stay out of trouble, there are checks and balances to protect you from harassment or job loss. In reality, high performers may be targeted for discharge if their competence poses a threat to someone higher up. If you are in a protected class, you may believe you will be safe, but the systems protect your employer, not you. Covid has given rise to mass exodus of workers, mostly BIPOC and women who are burned out and tired of being exploited. Things must shift. The workplace is the frontline of systemic oppression, but it is also where social change begins.

Deb Falzoi, has been helping targets of workplace bullying through education, coaching and legislative advocacy since 2018. She founded Dignity Together to help targets of abuse recover and reclaim their dignity. She has been a lifeline for the more than 2000 individuals she supports in an online community. Her podcast called Screw the Hierarchy takes a wide angle look at systemic oppression and her analysis has been featured in national publications. She will share the latest on the mental health impact of toxic work stress, put this issue in context and share legislative solutions to redefine our work life and build an equitable future.

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