Adoption, Removal- Reckoning with the Primal Wound

Rebecca Autumn Sansom

Our culture glamorizes adoption yet has been reluctant to take a comprehensive look at the experiences of adopted people. The invalidation of the harm done by rupturing the attachment of mother and child, for any reason, leaves people to suffer in silence and secrecy. Rebecca Autumn Sansom is shining light on it and isn’t flinching. She is the only adoptee to have produced a film with her first mother that reckons with relinquishment trauma from multiple perspectives. Nancy Verrier author of the controversial book, The Primal Wound, lends her expertise. Rebecca will take questions and lead conversation after the film.

Rebecca Autumn Sansom says, “The Primal Wound was the first time I heard an alternate narrative about adoption. A narrative that resonated with my feelings of loss and grief, one that was never presented to me until I read Verrier’s eerily insightful words.”

There is demonstrable global demand from adoptees and adoptee-centric organizations all over the world. My hope is that adoptees can finally be seen, and the issues that lead to adoptees being overrepresented in rehab facilities, mental health facilities, and prison will finally be addressed. Adoptees are 4 times more likely than non-adopted people to die by suicide. You cannot heal an unacknowledged wound.

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