Trauma of Loss and Death

Reverend Aaron Payson with Dr. Joyce McNickles

The pandemic has brought enormous loss. Our sense of safety and security, if we had it to begin with, has been eroded by unrelenting losses. The death toll is staggering. We have lost friends and family members, jobs, homes, relationships, people we used to see, places we used to go. Events have gone unattended- milestones uncelebrated. How do we face the future when the heaviness of our sorrow and grief feels like it will never subside? TTT Legend, Aaron Payson returns for a third time-

Rev Aaron Payson is the grief whisperer. His deep understanding of trauma and human suffering is born from crisis ministry. His willingness to sit with you in the dark and hold you in kindness and nonjudgement is transcendent. It makes him a sought-out speaker, wise community advisor and trusted friend. This justice centered minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Worcester is known for being collaborative, inclusive, and highly involved in civic life. He will share his insights in conversation with participants struggling to find meaning in loss.