Trauma of Psychiatric Oppression

Vesper Moore

If you are well adjusted to a sick world, is that really health? People who don’t comply with cultural norms are often labeled mentally ill. Our current system uses a medical model, locating mental illness in the individual and treating symptoms, usually with medications. Treatment means accepting a stigmatized and marginalized identity and often involves isolation and removal from society. In 2022, we have all suffered emotionally- can we afford to maintain this broken and harmful system?

Vesper Moore, is COO of the Kiva Centers and is a mad liberation activist, trainer, writer, and psychiatric survivor. They have been advocating as a part of the mad disability rights movement for several years in the US and internationally. They have been the recipient of many social justice and diversity awards and were recently invited by the POTUS to DC for the confirmation hearing of Justice Jackson. Vesper as a mad, queer, Indigenous person has made it their life’s mission to rewrite the narrative psychiatry has enforced in our society, and is helping to reimagine intersectional supportive, peer led healing spaces.