Trauma of Racism

Dr. Jennifer Davis Carey

In 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics added “Experiencing Racism” to the list of Adverse Childhood Experiences. BIPOC Individuals living in America in 2020 did not need any pediatricians to tell them that, nor did generations of their ancestors. Racism is a trauma that impacts every area of civic life from health care to economic opportunity, to physical and social location, to educational attainment, to daily physical safety. White America has done everything possible to ignore the harm done and to shift responsibility back to the victims. Like every other trauma, not reckoning with it only makes it worse.

Dr. Jennifer Davis Carey has been a fierce equity leader in a variety of spaces including government, business, academic and medical before she founded WEC, the Worcester Educational Collaborative in 2010. She brings intention, lived experience, a Harvard education, and a moral imperative to her work. Her varied background has allowed her to see the harm done by racism at every level, in every sector from policy to practice. Additionally, she is a celebrated author and artist. The TTT audience will undoubtedly be moved to a deeper understanding through her evocative and informed presentation on this pervasive, lifelong trauma that BIPOC are living with every day.