Trauma of Sexual Assault

Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, LCSW and Pathways for Change staff

The pandemic threat to our physical health has begun to wind down, at least for the vaccinated. However, the toxic stress continues. Many in our community have never been safe at home. Although it is always under-reported, research indicates that sexual violence increases significantly in times of social upheaval. Pathways for Change, Inc. was established to end the silence surrounding sexual violence and bring support, resources, and comprehensive services to diverse survivors. Since 1973 they have built inclusive, evidence-based practices that facilitate individual healing in the aftermath of sexual assault while at the same time working for a more just society free of oppression and abuse of power.

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Heidi Sue LeBoeuf, LCSW is Director of Counseling Services at Pathways for Change. Selected as an Unsung Hero of Worcester, Heidi Sue began her career as a hot line volunteer more than 20 years ago. Her passion for social justice and empathy for victims of Intimate Partner Violence led her to complete a Master’s in Social Work at Wheelock College, where she was recognized for her commitment to human rights. In addition to clinical work, she teaches and supervises students at Boston University SSW. She is joined by Sabrina Glover, Assist. Dir of Deaf Services and Jennifer Rioux, Disabilities Advocate.

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