Trauma of Post Covid Mental Health

Mayor's Mental Health Task Force led by Kim Salmon & Jerry Juliano

As we try to carry on with our lives as they were before quarantine, we are met with continued uncertainty and difficulty gaining forward momentum. Experts have been warning that a mental health crisis is looming large. What does this mean? We will get a brief overview of mental health concepts and then hear from panelists working in the community. They will share their concerns and successes helping us set priorities for the Mayor’s Mental Health Task Force. Time permitting, they will take audience questions, concerns, and feedback. Although still on zoom, some panelists will be live and in person as guests of our moderator and task force co-chair, Kimberly Salmon at the Hanover Insurance Foundation.

Kim Salmon leads the Worcester Together Behavioral Health response with Jerry Juliano the Area Director of the Department of Mental Health. They are joined by Dianne Langford James, Director of the Torch Program, Eve Gilmore of Edward St Child Services, Nerissa Harper- Ketter of Worcester Addresses Childhood Trauma, Maura Mahoney of Worcester Public Schools, Jennifer Carey of the Worcester Educational Collaborative and more. Audrey Smolkin Executive Director of the Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma will share resources for children and care takers.