Trauma of Disability

Jeff Lafata- Hernandez & Krystal Linn of Empowering People for Inclusive Communities

As Covid 19 highlights social inequality, the disparate impact for people with any identified disability can go unaddressed. The team from EPIC is working to eliminate barriers that keep individuals with any form of disability from having the same opportunities that individuals without disabilities are afforded.

Jeff Lafata- Hernandez founded Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC) to address the growing need for youth with disabilities to develop their leadership skills, and to become more active in their communities. He has devoted his career to working within the disability community in a variety of settings including City Year Boston, Perkins School for the Blind, North Suffolk Mental Health Association and Partners for Youth with Disabilities. Inspired daily by his student’s contributions, growth and leadership potential, Jeff is actively developing leaders with ability!

Krystal Linn has experience developing inclusive social programs for people with ID, Autism Spectrum disorders, and Brain Injury. Along with their work for EPIC, they are mother to seven children: a mixture of biological, step, and foster children. They are also a tireless advocate for disability inclusivity, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare accessibility, serving as a member of the National Speaker’s Bureau for Planned Parenthood, speaking nationally on healthcare issues.