Trauma of Sexism

Dr. Mary Burns & Dr.Tonisha Pinckney of the WCCSW

The Covid 19 pandemic has magnified inequality and the impact of oppression. Worcester County Commissioners on the Status of Women, Mary Bridget Burns and Tonisha Pinckney, will highlight the ways women are uniquely impacted and will also look at racial disparities among these findings.

Dr. Tonisha Pinckney is a transformational leader in the field of Criminal Justice with decades of experience supporting women who have experienced violence, loss, financial abuse and fraud. She is an author who has worked in many capacities to build strategic partnerships and address harm done to marginalized women and children.

Dr. Mary Burns is a scientist at the American Institute for Research. She is a scholar in gender, policy, teacher development and workplace experiences. She uses research to impact systemic change that lowers barriers to educational access for women and girls.

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