Trauma of School Disruption

Fred Kaelin & Megan Sullivan of the SHINE Initiative

With everything about school being different, it’s hard to emotionally prepare yourself and your children for the semester ahead. Fred and Megan will help us understand the mental health indicators school age children may be displaying in response to this crisis. They will offer some tools to support social and emotional wellbeing in this pandemic. Special guests, Maura Mahoney and others will update us about their response plans for Fall.

Fred Kaelin is the Executive Director of the SHINE Initiative. He has served youth in community mental health settings for more than 20 years. He is also a dad with the jokes to prove it!

Megan Sullivan has had a calling to support youth mental health since she was a teenager. Her position of Youth Outreach Coordinator was created for her in recognition of her passion and commitment to eliminating stigma and promoting social and emotional health and wellness.

Special Guests- Maura Mahoney of Worcester Public Schools, Kristen Mayotte of YOU, Inc and Dr. Johanna Sagarin of Children’s Friend.