The Addiction Treatment Ecosystem

Tara Rivera

Addiction usually begins as an escape from trauma and pain. Our culture glorifies and normalizes substances as a way to enjoy life more fully or to cope with difficult feelings. People with substance use disorders are our parents, children, siblings, friends, and coworkers. It can be hard to know when someone needs help, and even harder for someone to accept help. When they are ready for treatment, it isn’t always available, accessible, affordable, or appropriate. It rarely considers the person’s social environment. Tara has seen treatment from many angles and will share what she has learned about living in recovery. Her story will educate and inspire!

Tara Rivera, MBA has worked as a Treatment Advocate and Recovery Coach for over 6 years. She is a mom and a person with 26 years of continued sobriety. She works in business development at Banyan Treatment Centers and serves on several local non-profit boards. She is a co-chair for the Joint Coalition on Health and started a program to build emotional resilience in first responders. Tara hosted a recovery radio show and records an educational podcast about addiction. She teaches Trauma & Addiction in the Workplace as an adjunct professor at Anna Maria College. She is a fierce champion of the disenfranchised and feels education is the key to breaking the stigma of addiction and mental illness.