Hoarding / Accumulating

Kathy Reboul, MSW

Messages are everywhere that the things we own give us value. When people have a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, abuse, or neglect, it makes sense they would feel attached to the things they own, have difficulty parting with their possessions, and accumulate more stuff. While often a hidden and misunderstood behavior, research shows that hoarding is more common than previously believed, affecting between 2 to 6% of people. When the number of things you have becomes unmanageable, it is important to find effective help. Kathy will help us build empathy and understanding for ourselves and others who may be facing this issue.

Kathy Reboul, MSW is a is a therapist, social justice educator and consultant with years of experience working in violence prevention and advocating for best practices with youth in and out of the juvenile justice system. Her experience as a therapist and facilitator with expertise in trauma, mental health, restorative justice, and mediation set the foundation for supporting people who are hoarding. She has worked with people individually, run groups where people declutter together online, and has facilitated the Buried in Treasures workshop. Her work is grounded in lived experience with trauma and bullying, allowing her the empathy and understanding to utilize a strength-based approach to support clients, couples, families, and systems.