Dysregulation and the Use of Mindfulness in Trauma

Wendy O’Leary

When we are experiencing trauma, our emotions can feel unwieldy and out of control. This can lead to difficulties in all aspects of life. Though these emotions are valid and important, emotional overwhelm and the reactivity often associated with it, can make things worse. Wendy O’Leary will offer mindfulness tools and tips to help us navigate these stormy waters. She will discuss the foundations of mindfulness and a trauma informed understanding of its role for emotional regulation. She will attend to our needs as caretakers and help us support the children in our lives and care in regulating their emotions also.

Wendy O’Leary, M.Ed. is a local Author and Speaker with expertise in social and emotional learning for children and mindfulness for adults. She teaches skills for well-being, regulation, and resiliency and is a certified member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She is the co- author the award-winning children’s book, Breathing Makes It Better and the author of recently released, The Monster Parade. She will help participants of all ages feel safe and nurtured- you won’t want to miss it!