Trauma of Misattributed Parentage/ NPE

Dr. Paulette Bethel and Bradley Hall

In recent years commercial DNA tests have been sold by the millions. In addition to ethnicity, these tests can reveal unexpected painful truths about biological identity. This has come to be known as NPE, Not Parent Expected. The situations that caused the circumstance are varied and have been shrouded in secrecy, shame, and stigma. In addition to the individual trauma of not knowing, this discovery has implications for our collective understanding of identity and human connection at all levels.

Dr. Paulette Bethel has created a model of understanding the NPE Experience that she calls Identity Disruption™. In addition to her lived experience as an NPE and in a blended family, her understanding is informed by her career in the Air Force, her education as a family therapist, and her work supporting Third Culture Kids (individuals who navigate multiple cultures simultaneously). She is an author, international speaker, and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. She is currently in production of her own XOTV Show “Bella’s Front Porch”.

Bradley Hall is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, a Mindfulness Instructor, and a Holistic Life Coach. In addition, he has a football podcast, an MBA and is currently pursuing a PhD in Depth Psychology. He hosts “The Bradley Hall Show” a podcast that offers a unique perspective on mental health and personal development. His talk- “Own Your NPE Experience” has helped thousands. He founded the Life In Truth Academy in 2019 to educate and promote personal growth and healing to a wider audience.

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