Trauma of Family Secrets

Cassandra Adams, Erin Cosentino, Nerissa Harper- Ketter, John Moyer with special guest appearance by Paul Jack Fronczak!

Many families have them. They usually spring from a desire to protect resources, save reputations or keep someone from being hurt. Inevitably they cause more hurt. Just having a secret creates factions-people who know, and people who don’t; people who go along with a falsehood and people who want to tell the truth. In this age of access to information, secrets people planned to take to their graves have been revealed, causing pain, devastation, and estrangement in their wake. We will hear from people who have been hurt by family secrets and hopefully make a case for truth and reconciliation moving forward. These secrets include generational trauma, sexual abuse, not parent expected, donor conception and late discovery adoption. #secrets, #npe, #donorconceived, #generationaltrauma, #latediscoveryadoption, #adoptee