Trauma of Unseen Patterns

Dr. Laurie Ross, Rev Aaron Payson, Irelis Rivera, MSW

In trauma work with individuals, there is a concept called the “repetition compulsion”. Simply put, it means that we are doomed to repeat patterns we don’t see, until we see them, and make a conscious decision to change. Through the Trauma Training series, systemic injustice was highlighted again and again as a source of trauma. The status quo is harming people in life altering ways. The victims are often people who were already in pain, and the perpetration is often done under the guise of public good.

Our systems of support are the systems of oppression. As we return to life as it was before the planet hit the pause button, let’s take some time to reflect. Do we really want things back the way they were? Several past presenters and a few new ones will share their insights and hopes for a better future.