Trauma of Inequity and Health Disparities

Raquel Castro-Corazzini & Kathy Esparza

As we watch Covid 19 run its course, we can see the ACEs study validated in real time. People who have been afforded less social power due to a marginalized identity are losing their lives in greater numbers. Raquel and Kathy will talk about serving in a time of crisis with a health equity lens.

Raquel Castro-Corazzini is a first generation immigrant from Ecuador who grew up in Worcester in the Main South neighborhood. She has seen/heard and worked through some disturbing things. Her experiences with inequities led her to youth work at a very young age. She currently works for the City of Worcester as the Director of Youth Services.

Kathy A. Esparza is also from Ecuador and came to Worcester at age 16. She is a community organizer focused on youth development and social justice. She has traveled extensively and has taken direct action on issues of inequality in many venues. She currently works for the City of Worcester as the Special Projects Manager of the Division of Youth Opportunities.