Trauma of Uncertainty

Deborah Bunker, Emily Swalec & Anne Bureau of YOU, Inc

Here in 2020, anything can happen. We are all worried about our homes, our jobs, our health, our plans and our loved ones. It is hard to be our best selves in these conditions. The star social workers of YOU, Inc will talk about community needs, supports and resources. They will offer tools for managing stress and worried children.

Encountering challenges? The YOU, Inc. Worcester Family Resource Center is here to help. Call them Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm at 508-796-1411

Deborah Bunker, LICSW has worked with youth in a variety of settings, including as an Adjustment Counselor at Worcester Public Schools. She is expert in practical strategies to manage stress and build resilience. She has helped many advocate for themselves and achieve better personal and educational outcomes.

Emily Swalec, LCSW is the Director of the Family Resource Center. She has been a standout throughout the pandemic, leading subgroups of Worcester Together and brokering resources at all levels. She is calm and kind and instills hope and optimism in everyone she encounters.

Anne Bureau, LICSW has been building this community for nearly 30 years. She works tirelessly to support Worcester families by bringing out the voices of residents in the planning for local resources. She is committed to improving the lives of local families by ensuring that services meet their needs.