The Trauma of Murder

Elaina DeStefano & MarcCawley Bercy of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

On March 5, Worcester experienced a tragedy when 27-year-old mother, Chasity Nuñez and her 11-year-old daughter Zella were shot to death while sitting in their car in broad daylight. A loss of young life is always tragic, but life lost to murder brings unique mental health challenges for survivors. The impact reverberates throughout the community and through the lives of the people that knew them. There is little consolation to be found for a loss of this magnitude, but like every other trauma, healing happens together.

Experts with lived experience from the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute will share best practices for equipping all demographics to respond equitably and effectively to murder, trauma, grief, and loss. The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute was started by the parents of a young peace activist who lost his life in 1993 to a stray bullet. They have been helping families and communities find the support they need after homicide to honor their son’s legacy and continue the peacemaking work, he was leading. Their goals were to teach young people the value of peace, focus on the assets of community and support survivors of homicide victims. Everyone concerned with community violence is invited to attend.