Trauma of Addiction

Rebecca Zwicker & Lori Hout of No One Walks Alone

Addiction is often rooted in trauma. People start using substances to numb the pain and silence disturbing thoughts and memories. Unfortunately, the substance can become central, causing more trauma and negative life outcomes. Rebecca and Lori from NOWA (No One Walks Alone) will share their journeys of recovery.

Rebecca Zwicker, CARC is an experienced Recovery Coach Supervisor and Director of NOWA Peer Recovery Center. She uses her own experience in recovery to support and connect people who are at a crisis point in their lives. She has been instrumental in expanding the use and scope of recovery coaches throughout the state. Her certification is from New England School of Addiction and Prevention Studies.

Lori Hout, MSW is a woman in long term recovery and a Recovery Coach. She uses her lived experience and education to support others in their recovery processes and to advocate for positive change in social systems. She has facilitated trainings for police, corrections and numerous social service agencies. She also works at NOWA and Family Continuity.